Shipping and delivery policies apply to all forms of purchases at Phuc Anh.


When purchasing at Phuc Anh, you can choose one of the following shipping and delivery methods:

  • WIFIM JSC directly transports and delivers goods to customers.
  • WIFIM JSC delivers goods to customers through delivery service providers.
  2. WIFIM JSC directly delivers goods to customers
  • Free delivery: Distance up to 300km.
  • Delivery time frame from 8:15 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily.

Detailed content:

1.1 Delivery time(Distance is calculated from the delivery facility to the customer’s location)

Distance Delivery time In case assembly or installation is required
From 0km – 15km < 2h working hours < 3:00 working hours
Over 15km – 25km < 3:00 working hours < 4h working hours
Over 25km – 40km < 5:00 working hours < 6:00 working hours
Over 40km – 60km < 7:00 working hours < 8:00 working hours
Over 60km Customer Agreement

1.2 Delivery costs

According to order value Free Kilometers Fees
<500,000 VND   30,000 VND/ 15km. From the 16th kilometer, the fee is 5,000 VND/km.

Delivery up to 30km.

From 500,000 VND – 1,000,000 VND 10 Km  From the 11th kilometer, charge 5,000 VND/ 1km
Over 1,000,000 VND 15 Km From the 16th kilometer, charge 5,000 VND/ 1km
Over 3,000,000 VND 25 Km From the 26th kilometer, charge 5,000 VND/ 1km
Over 10,000,000 VND 40 Km From the 41st kilometer, charge 5,000 VND/ 1km
Over 50,000,000 VND 50 Km From the 51st kilometer, charge 10,000 VND/ 1km.
Over 100,000,000 VND 100 Km From the 101st kilometer, the fee is 10,000 VND/ 1km
Over 200,000,000 VND 200 Km From the 201st kilometer, the fee is 10,000 VND/ 1km
Over 300,000,000 VND 300 Km From the 301st kilometer, the fee is 10,000 VND/ 1km
Other cases Agreement


  • In case of delivery with assembly and installation at a distance greater than 50km: WIFIM JSC will collect additional labor costs for assembly and installation: 100,000 VND/person/01 working session (04 hours, including both travel time to and from home).
  • In case of special goods with large size or volume, transported by other means: Shipping costs are calculated according to actual costs incurred and WIFIM JSC will support you with part of the delivery costs. ; Please contact WIFIM JSC sales staff for advice.
  1. Delivery via delivery service provider.

2.1 Delivery method:

  • WIFIM JSC will select a delivery service provider to deliver goods to the Customer.
  • Delivery time to the customer’s requested location depends on the service provider’s delivery time criteria.
  • For convenience and to arrange a suitable time and location to receive the goods, please proactively contact the intermediary unit to receive the goods.


2.2 Refer to delivery method:

Delivery method Conditions to apply Delivery location Shipping fee
WIFIM JSC delivers goods to customers through express delivery service providers Your delivery location is within the scope of operation of the express delivery unit


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